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Yes East Sutherland Inaugural Meeting

Bonar Bridge Hall hosted the inaugural meeting of Yes East Sutherland on Thursday 29th August 2013

East Sutherland Inagural Meeting
Jean Urquhart MSP and Eleanor Scott Scottish Greens (both seated facing the camera)

The inaugural meeting of Yes East Sutherland held in Bonar Bridge Hall, on Thursday 29th August was well attended by people from all over East and Central Sutherland and even a few from across the border in Ross-shire.

Jean Urquhart MSP began by saying that since Scotland has existed for thousands of years, the 300 years since the contract for the Union in 1707 is not really such a long time! However, it is time for that contract to be renewed. Both Jean Urquhart  and Eleanor Scott of The Scottish Greens enthused about the opportunities a Yes vote in the referendum would offer Scotland.  Jean emphasised the importance of a written constitution. Eleanor said that, although there are  a few Green Party members who are not pro independence, they consider that Green objectives are more likely to be achieved by a Scottish parliament than a Westminster one. Both speeches were positive and inspiring, with no mud-slinging. However, the negativity of the press is an issue for all supporters of the independence campaign.

Questions from the floor included concerns about the immediate effect on our standard of living, how could we afford to be independent, currency, the E.U., the Queen as head of state and defence, particularly Faslane. There was more discussion over tea, one woman saying that they had come because this was the first opportunity she and her husband had had to discuss the referendum. It seems that people would like to have more debate.

Lily Byron thanked both speakers. The audience were reminded about the March & Rally in Edinburgh on Saturday 21st September before leaving.

T-shirts, Yes badges, stickers and pens were sold at the event and the audience took away leaflets for further study.