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To a Scot

Wi' a tug o' the bunnet to Robert Burns

To a Scot

Wee cow’rin tim’rous Scottie
Independence drives him pottie
What if they should vote for YES
Wad we no be in one big mess

Nae mair oil and on the dole
Dependent on the beggin’ bowl
Should hae listened tae the ‘Betters’
And stayed thegither in Union fetters

Na, why wud they be sae daft
Nae Scot wad be that saft
Y’r better off just as ye are
Better thegither, Aye by far

We’ll stay within the Union Glory
Forever more ruled by Tory
Oor Rabbie’s birlin’ in his grave
The thought of everlasting Dave

Although I’m getting’ on in years
Independence holds no fears
Now I wait and hope and pray
To see the YES vote win the day


Dorothy Sinclair
September 2013


This is an archived copy of the Yes Highland website created prior to the referendum in September 2014.

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