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Doughnuts, New Arrivals and Guests

Another event in Fort William delivers lots of signatures and more than a few surprises

Doughnuts for Yes Lochaber Team
Yes Lochaber presented with doughnuts for our efforts

I should not have done it; I realise now that I tempted The Fates. Writing about our last event I mentioned that some of the campaigners found the weather cold but that I was quite warm. In the morning as I prepared for the day's event I was rushing about filling the car and was too busy to feel cold. However, as I parked the car in Fort William I got this sinking feeling as I realised the one item I had not placed in the car was my jacket. Oh well, too late now.

One of the first surprises, as we were setting up our stall was a new volunteer, and our first that I know of from the Labour party. Just like Yes Scotland as a whole we have a really good mix of people from all of the political parties and those of no party affiliation. What brings volunteers into the campaign is the belief that we can do better than what is on offer now. Westminister governments have given us, for example, The Bedroom Tax, illegal foreign wars and weapons of mass destruction on the Clyde. We can do better than this and I believe a future independent Scotland would follow a different path.

It wasn't long before the next surprise presented itself or perhaps I should say himself. Steve Gethins was travelling back home on the day of our event and was looking for somewhere he could volunteer. A short detour later and Steve was pounding the streets of Fort William with clipboard in hand. Many thanks to Steve for becoming Yes Lochaber's first guest campaigner; we hope to see you again soon. Anyone else considering being a guest campaigner in Lochaber please do come along you will be most welcome.

Some Yes Lochaber members and Steve Gethins
Steve Gethins joins Yes Lochaber as a guest for the day

The next surprise was probably the best of all! One lady was very keen to sign The Declaration as soon as she saw us. After the signing formalities were completed the lady and her companion departed. However, a few minutes later she was back and presented us with a bag full of doughnuts as a reward for our efforts. A big thank you to Sylvia, it was a really nice gesture and my doughnut went down well with a hot cup of coffee later in the day.

So, even though the streets of Fort William seemed quieter than they were during previous events we actually collected more signatures than before. That combined with our surprises on the day gave us a great boost on our journey to independence.


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