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Two Highland MSPs form Group with Green Party

Five pro-independence MSPs form a technical working group to secure a greater say over the work agenda within the chamber

Independent/Green Group in Scottish Parliament
MSPs Johnstone, Finnie, MacDonald, Urquhart, and Harvie
Jean Urquhart and John Finnie, both Independent MSPs for the Highlands and Islands, entered into an alliance with fellow Independent MSP Margo MacDonald and Patrick Harvie and Alison Johnstone of the Scottish Green Party. Ms Urquhart and Mr Finnie recently left the SNP as a result of a disagreement over the party’s changed NATO policy. Both have illustrated their continuing commitment to Scottish independence.

We all look forward to pushing for an independent, fair and peaceful Scotland both inside and outside of Parliament, and to working with MSPs across the chamber to achieve these goals.

A statement issued from the group said "Although every member of our grouping is pro-independence and believes strongly in a more equal, sustainable Scotland, it is by no means a formal, party-based arrangement; no MSP has changed, or plans on changing, their party affiliation or on taking positions different to those they have taken in the past."

The newly formed group of five will be permitted to nominate a representative in the Parliamentary Bureau, who will carry the same number of votes as the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

A change in format in terms of First Minister's Questions each week will be a matter decided upon by Presiding Officer Tricia Marwick. A Scottish Parliament spokeswoman said: "Matters such as the allocation of questions and speaking times are for the Presiding Officer; and she will consider these issues in due course."

  1. Image sources: MSPs Johnstone, Finnie, MacDonald, Urquhart, and Harvie

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