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Tories Better Together with UKIP?

David Cameron
David Cameron
Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage

This weekend UKIP became the third biggest party in the United Kingdom[1]. According to a series of recent opinion polls the UK Independence Party has overtaken the Liberal Democrats to become Britain's third most popular party. The Times reported on Tuesday that the Tories have lost a sixth of their support over the last two months, with much of this going to UKIP.

Is that everywhere south of the border?

With support for the Conservatives in Scotland at best stagnant a swing to the right, from the Conservatives to UKIP, in England may make the Scottish Conservatives even more toxic. This could be beneficial to the Independence supporters in Scotland but it also could be a clarion call to the pressure groups within the Scottish Conservatives to distance themselves from Westminster and consider the benefits of independence.

Mr Cameron now has to defend a pincer attack from within his own party, those who support Boris and those flirting with UKIP. These two groups are the only serious threats he faces in Westminster. The Westminster cliché of the opposition facing you and your enemies behind you is ringing true.

The Liberal Democrats are now so closely associated with the Tories (Condems) their brand is now seen as toxic. There are already Liberals who support Independence and the price of further association with the Conservatives for others in the Scottish Liberal party may be too bitter a pill to swallow.

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