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Nairnshire Inaugural Meeting

Yes Campaign shows love to Nairnshire on Valentine's Day

Yes Nairnshire Inaugural Meeting
Yes Nairnshire Inaugural Meeting

There were three speakers at the well attended Nairnshire Inaugral Meeting held on Thursday, 14th February in the Nairn Community & Arts Centre.

One of the speakers was Donnie MacLeod of the Scottish Green Party, who emphasised his party's support for independence and discussed how this fitted in with the Greens' philosophy of local accountability.

John Finnie, Independent MSP, spoke with conviction about his ideas on what an independent Scotland could achieve and this struck a chord with many in the audience. One message that made an impression on me from John's speech is that his concerns do not only apply to those in Scotland but everyone throughout the world. He reminded us that we can all be internationalists as well as strive for Scottish independence. To paraphrase Mr Finnie:

It is not about following flags; it is what Scotland can achieve as an independent nation.

Also speaking was Ian Dommett, Yes Scotland Director of Marketing. His presentation covered the importance of local groups and he offerred advice to all when discussing independence.

I would like to wish everyone in Yes Nairnshire a successful and happy campaign and I hope to meet them again soon.

2013-02-19 19:35

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