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Jim Sillars - Referendum Tour

This is your chance to see Jim Sillars, in person, as he brings his In Place of Fear Referendum Tour to Inverness and Fort William

Jim Sillars - Referendum Tour
In Place of Fear

We are delighted to announce that Jim Sillars will be presenting his prospectus for a democaratic socialist Scotland at two meetings in the Highlands. On Thursday 20th February he will be at the Spectrum Centre Inverness and on the following night Friday 21st he will be appearing at Innseagan House Hotel, Fort William.

All are welcome, no tickets required and entry is free.

Accompanying Jim's tour is his new book entitled In Place of Fear II which, of course, makes reference to the hugely popular and influential book published in 1952 by Nye Bevan and was the original In Place of Fear.

Bevan's collection of essays forcefully argued that following the great depression and the destruction of a world war the time was ripe to build a new society. Jim argues that Scots have an opportunity, in the referendum, to build a new country.
"Independence is a paradigm shift. It means no longer tolerating the intolerable … it means using the power of the nation to create a different economic model from the present one that has failed us so badly, and from there going on to build a decent society."

Signed copies of In Place of Fear II will be available at each event.

At a time when Westminster governments are presiding over increasing child poverty and widening wage inequality Jim Sillars argues, with passion, that there is a better way of doing things and the time to do it is very close at hand. In fact, the specific date is 18th September 2014.

Event Details


Location:InvernessFort William
Date: Thursday February 20th Friday February 21st
Time: Doors open 6.45pm
Start 7.00pm
Finish 9.30pm
Doors open 6.00pm
Start 7.00pm
Finish 9.00pm

Tea, coffee and home baking will be available in the lounge before the meeting begins. Fully licensed bar will open during the whole evening.

Attendees are welcome to continue the discussion after the formal part of the evening concludes.

Venue: Spectrum Centre Innseagan House Hotel
Address: 1 Margaret Street
Achintore Road
Fort William
Directions: Next to Rose Street Car Park and the bus station Approximately 1 mile south of the West End car park
Map: Spectrum Centre, Inverness map Innseagan House Hotel, Fort William map
Yes Scotland Highland Inaugural Meeting

Spectrum Centre during Yes Highland Inaugural Meeting
Innseagan House Hotel

Exterior of Innseagan House Hotel
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"With independence we start a new era, when Scots in their own country are beholden to no-one… In place of fear we can create a nation that is proud, self-confident, prosperous, where working people will have the opportunity to quickly build a fair and just society."
Jim Sillars
In Place of Fear II

Angus j macinnes
Angus j macinnes says:
2014-02-14 18:20
Speaks for us all but I remember speaking to someone in Aberdeen and put nearly same story about my Son and Grandchildren and his response was sad , I don't like Salmond (unbelievable ) I told his Alex dosent really want you to like him just like your own country and give it back its own self belief and prosperity .
Andrew Graeme
Andrew Graeme says:
2014-02-18 10:00
There are two other Yes events in or around Inverness on the 20th. Bad timing!
Iain Mac Donald
Iain Mac Donald says:
2014-02-18 12:24
If the objective of the meetings were to target existing Yes supporters I would agree with you. However, the intention is to get lots of Undecided or No voters to attend and in that sense Inverness is big enough to support several events in one night. I spoke to the organiser of one of the "other" events a few days ago about exactly your point and their response was, and I paraphrase, "it is good that the Yes campaign is giving people choices".
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