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Take Yes Inverness Forward

We attended the Yes Scotland Inaugural Meeting of the Highland group in October and we were impressed by the turnout, the speeches and the atmosphere of the event.

Yes Scotland advised that each local group determine its own direction and structure. With that in mind we would like to invite those who want to take the next step, through this website, to show their interest in meeting, with a view to share ideas on how to take Yes Scotland to all in the Inverness area.

We Would Like to Hear from You

We would be very interested in hearing from groups within Scotland which have already taken the next step allowing us in the Inverness area to learn from them and establish informal links between groups.

Those in non-party political groups such as Women for Independence, or artistic groups such as those from the National Collective website and others would be most welcome.

That is not to say that politically driven groups would not be welcome. One of the striking revelations from the Highland Inaugural Meeting was the representation of political groups of all colours. It’s not just the SNP who are working for Independence.

One group was not represented. Although the correct title is the Conservative and Unionist Party we know that there are conservatives with a small "c” in Scotland; therefore we would like to encourage all conservatives without being unionist to get in touch.

Independence Debate

Some of you may be aware of the site, but if you aren’t, can we suggest to visit BBC Scotlandshire. Satire is alive and well in Scotland!

Can we also suggest for all to read the following article as an example of the tactics used by the bitter together campaign: The Problem With The No Men. It is not just a pro-independence piece but a plea to those who wish to save the union to show a positive side.

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This is an archived copy of the Yes Highland website created prior to the referendum in September 2014.

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