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#voteYes on September 18th

The #voteYes video features well known faces from across the independence movement sharing their stories of why Scotland can, should and must be an independent country.

Speakers in order of appearance:
Greg Hemphill
Elaine C. Smith
Michael Stewart
Brian Cox CBE
Louise Batchelor
Kevin Williamson
Pat Kelly
Keira Lucchesi
Gary Lewis
Martin Compston
Gavin Mitchell
Eunice Olumide
Ricky Ross
Emma Pollock
Carmen Pieraccini
Julie Wilson Nimmo
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Fairlie
Cally Russell
David Hayman
Grant O'Rourke
Sin-Ling Law
Samera Ashraf
Grant Hutchison
Lorraine McIntosh
Sam Heughan
Prof Alan Riach
Tony Banks
Shona McAlpine
Dr Philippa Whitford
Stuart Braithwaite

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