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Jim Sillars Interview

Jim Sillars discusses his prospectus for a democratic socialist Scotland as described in his book In Place of Fear II

Jim Sillars Interview - Part 1 of 5

In part 1 Jim discusses: Nye Bevan, social justice, socialism, Project Fear, In Place of Fear and the NHS.

Jim Sillars Interview - Part 2 of 5

In part 2 Jim discusses: absolute sovereign power, Alec Douglas Hume and false promises, implications of a No vote, British debt of £1.5 trillion, Britain and the decline of empire.

Jim Sillars Interview - Part 3 of 5

In part 3 Jim discusses: democratic socialist Scotland, Labour Party appealing to "middle" England, prosperous small European nations, who owns Scotland, why we should test the benefit of current land ownership patterns, rights for tenant farmers, residency qualification for land ownership and beneficial private ownership.

Jim Sillars Interview - Part 4 of 5

In part 4 Jim discusses: UK debt and PPP/PFI, a socialist government should be audacious, Higher Technical Institutes and a Baccalaureate, education and training leading to jobs.

Jim Sillars Interview - Part 5 of 5

In part 5 Jim discusses: SMEs and transnational corporations, independence isn't about flags, currency union, Scotland's currency pegged to the pound.

Jim Sillars - Audience Q&A

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Interviewer: Iain MacDonald. Guest: Jim Sillars. Camera and audio: Andrew McKenna & Robert Coull. Filmed at Innseagan House Hotel, Fort William on Friday February 21st 2014. Promoted by Yes Lochaber and RIC Inverness. A Crann Tara/Digital Shorts co-production.