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Yes Shorts

They say a picture speaks a thousand words; ours say only one word - Yes!

LibDems: promising Lords reform since 1880

In the meantime let's have £300 per day

2015-03-02 02:20

Labour: party of the working class?

Labour currently have 215 peers (66 Baronesses, 146 Lords and 3 Viscounts) in the House of Lords

2015-02-26 10:40

Charles Kennedy's voting record

According to Charles Kennedy has only voted in 365 votes out of 1195 since 2010, which is well below the MP average. Furthermore, it is interesting to note then that, recently, he managed to vote for Austerity but not against Trident or Fracking.

Charles Kennedy votes for Austerity and din't manage to vote against Trident or Fracking

With thanks to IndyPosterBoy for the graphic.

2015-01-31 14:05

Could he be a unionist?

We can't put our finger on it but there is something about this photo that suggests Boris Johnson is a fan of the union.

2014-08-10 20:00 | Comments (5)

A future PM speaks?

Boris Johnson makes clear his view on giving more powers to the Scottish Parliament in the same week he announces his intention to stand for a seat at Westminster. If Boris feels free to state his view now what would the Westminster MPs be like after a No vote? Only a Yes vote guarantees more ...

2014-08-10 00:00

Commonwealth Independence

Don't be afraid of independence - it's commonplace in the Commonwealth (courtesy of Bella Caledonia)

2014-08-03 00:00

Whose side do you want to be on?

On the day of the Football World Cup Final we present the Yes and No team players (image from Yes Scotland)

2014-07-13 17:38

Want more powers? Vote Yes

Political commentator Andrew Neil said: "Devolution, the Calman Commission, the Scotland Bill, the Edinburgh Agreement, all of this and more you have, is because Westminster parties are scared of the SNP. If you vote NO you massively change the balance of power and they will not only give you ...

2014-06-28 23:52

Hillary Clinton batting for the British Empire?

Hillary Clinton speaking on BBC Newsnight on June 12th 2014 "I would hate to have you lose Scotland". Hillary, who is this "you"?

2014-06-13 12:29

BBC Bias? No Thanks

A copy of the excellent "NO THANKS" button by Wee Ginger Dug with a fresher blue and transparent background. Has anyone told the BBC we are in the regulated period?

2014-06-12 20:37