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A collection of info graphics and campaign materials to support the Yes campaign

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Disabled Scots Hit by Bedroom Tax
80% of Scottish households which are affected by the under-occupancy penalty include an adult with a disability
Fuel Porverty in Energy Rich Scotland
One in three Scottish households face fuel poverty
Business Quotations
A selection of quotations from people involved in business with reference to Scottish independence
Westminster isn't Working for Women
37 years after the Equal Pay Act 1970, women still earn £5,600 less on average than men
Average Tax Generated per Person 2011/12
Scotland more than pays its way
Scotland's Finances
Scotland's finances are stronger than the UK
Cutting Out Westminster
Cuts in welfare. Cuts in services. Cuts in jobs. It's time to cut something else.
Westminster isn't Working for Children
More than 20% of Scottish children grow up in poverty
What Savings can an Independent Scotland make?
An independent Scotland would not have to contribute millions to the UK's nuclear weapons
Will Scotland Continue to be a Member of the EU?
Answering questions on an independent Scotland's relationship with the EU
How MPs Voted on the Benefits Cut
Scotland Opposed it. Westminster imposed it.

Files to download

Electoral Registration Form
Highland Council version of the Electoral Registration Form
Independence FAQ
A short document listing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Scottish self determination with Answers in plain English. The Independence FAQ provides links to quoted sources. PDF file format.

Images to download

No to BBC Censorship
The BBC allows comments on News items in England, Wales and N. Ireland but not in Scotland. Could it be because they don't want their bias exposed?
Deaths under 65
Deaths under 65 per 100,000 of population

This is an archived copy of the Yes Highland website created prior to the referendum in September 2014.

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