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Murphy to say Yes

File under: "you couldn't make it up". In a desperate move to woo back voters to Labour the leader of the party in Scotland, Jim Murphy, will attempt to portray his party as supporters of Yes.

Today's Sunday Herald is reporting that Jim Murphy will try "to seize the word Yes from the independence movement in a bid to save his party from general election meltdown." The recent opinion polls obviously have the Labour leadership worried but this plan would seem to suggest desperation.

"I think this is comical, as a single word can't change perceptions. Labour has to tell people what they are about, which has not been clear for a long time... People will be pretty cynical about this."
Patrick Harvie MSP
Scottish Greens co-convenor

Jim Murphy was given prominent coverage in the media, see photo above, for his poorly attended "vote No" meetings on street corners around Scotland. For Mr. Murphy to now try to appropriate the word "Yes" to benefit his party in the general election will be recognised by the majority of voters in Scotland for the blatant political opportunism that it is.


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