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Fracking moritorium in Scotland

The Scottish Government Minister, Fergus Ewing, has announced there will be a moritorium on granting consents for unconventional oil and gas developments in Scotland whilst further research and a public consultation is carried out
Fracking moritorium in Scotland

Fergus Ewing

In a statement given to Parliament, on Wednesday January 28th, Mr Ewing stated that "the Scottish Government will undertake additional work to increase the evidence base for decision making on this issue." Furthermore, Mr Ewing stated "I am announcing a moratorium on the granting of planning consents for all unconventional oil and gas developments, including fracking. This moratorium will continue until such time as the work I have set out to Parliament today, including a full public consultation, is completed."

The evidence base will include:

  • Undertake a full public consultation on unconventional oil and gas extraction.
  • Commission a full public health impact assessment.
  • Conduct further work into strengthen planning guidance.
  • Look at further tightening of environmental regulation.


This announcement follows on from the vote in Westminster on Monday 26th where the Tory/LibDem coalition government defeated an amendment to the Infrastructure Bill which attempted to impose a two year moritorium for the whole of the UK. Most Labour MPs abstained from voting.


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