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The importance of being seen

Wear your badge, get that sticker on the car, put a poster up in your window; whatever you do make sure your Yes support is visible

Yes badge

For most of us when we leave the house we will be seen by dozens if not hundreds of people. Whether going to work, getting the messages from the supermarket or enjoying an afternoon in the park lots of people will see us. It might be as we sit on the bus, as we drive our cars or even just wandering about by foot. So, why not take advantage of being a mobile billboard and advertise your support for a better, fairer Scotland.

Other Yes supporters will give you cheerie waves and toot-toots when they see your car sticker. Strangers will strike up conversations about independence when they see your badge whereas before it was just complaints about the weather. Suddenly you will be campaigning without lifting a finger or necessarily opening your mouth.

Even more importantly you will be normalising support for independence. The unionist supporting mainstream media expend all their efforts portraying support for independence as dwindling away. This is one reason you see all these opinion polls being promoted where the Yes vote is shrinking by the week whereas we know exactly the opposite is happening. Every time someone sees a badge or a sticker or a poster it will reinforce the idea that independence is normal and Yes supporters are everywhere.

Make every day a campaigning day and display your Yes with pride.





If you don't have any badges or stickers you can buy online at YesScotland or at Mutterings. If you want to print your own poster try IndyPosterBoy or Graphical Yes.


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