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About us

Yes Highland is part of the largest grassroots campaign in Scotland and includes volunteers from Sutherland and Caithness in the north to Lochaber in the south and all the areas in between.

The Yes Campaign is all about volunteers who want to see a more prosperous, more democratic and fairer Scotland and know that can only be achieved through independence.

On a national level Yes Scotland lead the campaign but all the leafleting, public meetings, street stalls and advocacy is done by the thousands of ordinary people across Scotland giving up their free time to achieve independence. In the Highlands these volunteers have created their own Local Groups to bring that positive message to their own communities.

Yes Highland is proud to be part of the largest grassroots campaign in Scotland's history. We believe a Yes vote in the referendum will be the start of building a better Scotland. We invite you to join us as some of the people shown below have done already.